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Dynamic and Stochastic Modeling of Various Components of the Hydrological Cycle for East Africa

Neil Davis
April 30th, 2007

This research has investigated the ability to model precipitation over East Africa using the RegCM regional climate model, and the ability of a stochastic model to predict Lake Victoria lake level one season in advance. The stochastic model was built using precipitation, sea surface temperatures and temperature, and provides detail about the steps used to develop the model. Precipitation modeling was carried out using RegCM and several convective schemes were compared to determine which performed best for East Africa. Additionally the microphysical scheme SUBEX was investigated thoroughly and several tuning parameter changes were made. Finally the precipitation from RegCM was split into 9 rainfall classifications which were then studied to determine how the regional climate model performed for representing rainfall events in the model, in terms of duration, intensity, and overall structure between all the event types.

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